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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Not a fan of the cloudy day rejection but I assume they have a range of number photos per day they prefer and the various rejections help keep photos in that range????

Also when you think of the preview photos I'd guess people are less likely overall to click on somewhat grey, darker, flat images than ones with pop like.
I'd be inclined to agree but sometimes the color pops in the cloudy day shots and some folks even prefer them. The image rejected is admittedly not one of my best but is a close up shot with good color, looking good in a thumbnail. It's a very rare historic vehicle which simply isn't so interesting to the screeners, perhaps just too foreign for US. The point is that "interestingness" is perhaps more important than great lighting for such photos for viewers. My photos of this railcar on vary greatly in lighting but not popularity. On, where 3 screener votes are needed for acceptance, the RPN rejected photo is nearly as popular as a sunny shot of same vehicle also posted 2 days ago and as popular as a long ago posted photo my RPN forum avatar is from:

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