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Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict how a screener might react to a photo of a fire/derailment/wreck. I've seen photos of much poorer composition and quality get in and better ones get the boot.

In this case, I am not sure why the "lit nose rule" applies, since this isn't the kind of photo that anyone would want to publish or frame and hang. It's pretty much just a documentary image, and one that's reasonably exposed. I think the rendering of the nose looks like the eye would see it, so I am fine with it.

Hey, you do your best and take your shot. If RP doesn't want it, put it up on Flickr or SmugMug or some similar site where you control the content.

I tend to avoid posting wreck shots, because they call everyone's attention to someone's bad day and I don't want to have the reputation for being the type of photographer who does that. I might take the photo, but it's more of a personal memory than anything else. I think my one and only wreck on RP is a roll-over that happened to the next car down on a train I was riding. Riding hundred-year-old equipment on a regular basis, I have been in a few derailments.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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