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I'm glad you got it uploaded. I don't what Dennis Livesey's objection is but I think the picture could be better. The nose and the sky look too dark, not white enough for a good B&W pic. Here's a b&w technique I picked up on the web. I'm not great at photoshop so I may be mixing up steps:

In photoshop...
Put the color pic into grayscale.
Crank up the exposure all the way until you are clipping highlights.
Crank up clarity to 60 or 80 or more.
Crank up the contrast.
Adjust the blacks until nearly clipping.
Adjust these elements until you get a strong two-tone look where the light tones are very white and the blacks are hard and sharp but not blown out.

If you do this I believe the nose of the power in your picture will look white and only white. It won't have the hue it presently has. It will be much starker.

Doesn't work for everything but I know it works great with rails.

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