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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
...out-of-the-box and innovative ideas that can enhance the existing content of the website, while enticing new talent to join our community.
Chase Gunnoe
Railpictures.Net Staff
I think access to the forums - specifically, the "Site Related" section should be made available to admin instead of just the patrons. There's a wealth of information there on how to improve the appeal of the site and most of all - how to retain and "entice new talent" to the community.

As it stands , I am encouraging a potential new patron to RP whose images I can say, without a doubt would most definitely boost the excitement factor of this site (and viewership) along with a lending of additional credibility in enticing others to join in. Sadly, my advice was that gleaned from the experience of the best of the best of the current crop of RP patrons. Post, appeal, move on. Do not try to rationalize why a particular image did not meet the personal taste of one or two site administrators. It IS their site and that seems to be the most accurate characterization of the logic. It is a shame admin does not give more leeway to established photographers - either prior to joining or after years of membership in good standing. It is that logic and indifference that understandably tends to limit the appeal to others that would otherwise contribute (and continue to contribute). You may find yourself, at times, being treated as member #57578 instead of "G.H." on this site. You'll enjoy the benefits and comradery of the site so long as you are willing to accept a certain amount of occasional priggishness, inconsistency and intolerance.

Chase - there was a long discussion on this topic (more towards retention and encouraging future photographers to RP) within the threads which I can't seem to dig up. You agreed with me then that RP needs to run like a good business with a great customer service department to move forward. As it stands, RP runs like most state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

One of admin's better decisions was in getting you involved though your absence /involvement has been missed. Wishing you the best of luck here, in 2015. And be nice to "G.H." should he elect to opt in!


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