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Originally Posted by cblaz View Post
There are trees blocking almost half of the engine in your shot. 10 times out of 10 the screener will reject it for PEQ and/or foreground clutter. You can't get much more consistent than that.

- Chris
10 times out of 10 a screener will reject a shot that is blurry and out of focus yet you still see streak shots and partially blurred "movement" shots. Try to keep this in context. The rejection reason was PEQ, not foreground clutter.

I thought you were stating the photographers were the "clutter" and that threw me off. Getting back to consistency, however, you bring up an interesting observation. As if to acknowledge my point above, perhaps the train obscured by the trestle was allowed since it was understood that the photo's primary focus was that of the rail fan aspect of the image. The obscured train did not detract from the implied intent of the composition.

On the other hand, back to the McDonnald's analogy, I have had a photo of a steam engine on display rejected since it was behind a fence yet my good friend Dennis had a nearly identical photo accepted. I had a photo of a CSX train in Center City Philadelphia rejected since the University of Pennsylvania sign painted on a girder blocked the trucks yet just the other day a photo of a steam engine was accepted where none of the drivers were visible. The scenery in that photo, as well as composition were superb. In my opinion, my scenery was simply urban vrs countryside.

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