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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
...I don't necessarily want to stand in the same spot as the published photographer.
All the more reason to know exactly where the published photog was, so you can avoid duplicating it. You'll know where the train is when it shows up.

Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
I prefer to not have any GPS info attached. I don't always want anyone to know where I was. GPS kind of creeps me out sometimes. I'm using an older phone without it.
Kent in SD
I came from a generation where info sharing (but not to the point of breaching one's privacy) was considered a common courtesy. We would go to so-called "travelogues" where people would give slide (and on rare occasions, video film) presentations of their trips to exotic and fascinating places. The presentations were always accompanied by thorough narratives, and if that wasn't enough the travelers would be available for consulting with after the show. Anyone who just wanted folks to look at their pictures but didn't feel like sharing info would not be invited back. As for cell phones, I get that. I smashed my last one with a hammer 11-12 years ago, only after running over it with the car, stomping on it and throwing it against a brick wall didn't render the desired result. I'll never own another one. Okay, the car has a built-in phone but since OnStar knows where I am at all times tracking the phone would be moot.
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