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Originally Posted by NathBDP View Post
Well, I am pro RP. I see their standards and realize what will most likely be accepted into the database so I don't bother trying to upload something too different
Define different. I had these accepted in the past week - do they qualify as different as you're describing it?

Image © Thomas J. Nanos -
PhotoID: 300527
Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos -

Image © Thomas J. Nanos -
PhotoID: 300529
Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos -

They sure as hell aren't 3/4 wedgies...

Anyways, as for the pro/anti RP - I get a kick out of both sides of the spectrum. The folks that feel so slighted by a rejection, and also the cheerleaders that scream that RP is the best thing since sliced bread - both can get quite comical at times (the former moreso, in my opinion, but the latter can also get a bit absurd at times). My opinion, however, falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

The way I look at RP is simply this - it's another "publication" to feature our work in. Like other publications - magazines, books, newsletters, or what have you - the work is subject to approval from the "editor", which in RP's case is a screener. Whether I get a rejection from Jim Wrinn at Trains or a RP screener, I don't get bent about it. Sure, my ego gets a little tweaked, but who's doesn't when their hard work is rejected. Just move on. It's not like they're saying "sorry, but your license to take train pictures has been revoked, please turn in your camera." Instead consider it constructive criticism - and that's where these forums come in handy. There's a sounding board here where you can get some pretty good feedback, even from those nefarious screeners themselves.

Oh, yeah, and the other thing, lighten up, it's a freaking hobby for pretty much most of us!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, not for use with any other offer, one coupon per customer, etc.

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