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Hi David,

I switched from JPEG to raw about a year and a half ago. There were three things I noticed:
  • Those raw files fill up my hard drives a BUNCH faster than LF JPEGs do.
  • I had to learn postprocessing all over again, because with JPEGs, the camera had been doing a lot of the work for me.
  • There were shots in which I failed to nail the exposure that were hopeless as JPEGs, but easily salvaged as raw files.
I guess my best advice is that if you shoot just for fun and don't spend a lot of money traveling to get pictures, JPEGs are the way to go. Any shot you miss, you can probably re-do another day. If you're really serious about your pictures, have any ambition at all to sell them, or spend a fair amount of money traveling to get them, shoot raw. You'll be glad you did.

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