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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) View Post
At the time of this post, NS Corp. has 208,074 views on it's photos of the heritage units. What's in it for them is people seeing their name 200K+ times, which brings me to the following post.

Wrong! Clients and other partners DO care. I know for a fact that plenty of businesses and people in the railroad industry check Railpictures either for enjoyment, research, or any number of reasons. Out of those 208,704, yes, most are railfans but I'm sure a lot are clients or potential clients who may be impressed with what NS is willing to do for PR even for a small group of hobbyists. What about potential partners (i.e. other railroads) who have a choice between whom they want to do business with? They see that NS respects their history and how they got to where they are today and may want to work with and maybe even be a part of that history someday.

Ya your right, it has nothing to with money, that's why Warren Buffet bought BNSF because he like trains
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