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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Just float some of that huge cash stream you're bringing in off railroad photography into a new equipment fund and you'll have enough for two 7Ds in a month or two.
I wish!! I'd have a 7D right now if I hadn't gotten back together with my gf last year, so now I have have other, more important plans for that money...

Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
You either shoot too much or I don't shoot enough. I just went over 10K on my 60D and I've had it since January, 2011.
Yes, I shoot way too much, but it's for a good reason. Probably on the average of 300-500 photos a day.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Jim, are you no longer a 5D owner? What made you decide to go crop sensor?
Oh, I still have my 5D, I just don't use it much any more. My boss bought the 60D for me last summer because I needed a DSLR with a flip screen for my job. He's been taking $50 out of every paycheck and this last check was my final payment. At least I'll have it paid off for a little bit before it dies.

I love my 5D and the full frame, but the faster frame rate on the 60D has me using it about 1% of the time now.
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