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Originally Posted by BobE View Post
If your original is properly exposed, it appears your scanner is underexposing by almost 2 f-stops. I have Silverfast, and I have the same problem. Suggest you pre-scan, make eyeball adjustments (does it look OK on your monitor?), then save as a TIF. If you get the right exposure, I suspect the saturation and color issues will be significantly reduced. If you have Photoshop, open the file in Camera RAW and continue adjustments.

This is a properly exposed Kodachrome. I've been saving as jpeg, and I have used the Kodachrome vs. transparency setting. Will saving as a TIF produce a better exposure than jpeg? Is the so-called Kodachrome setting working against me?

I was hoping that Silverfast would give me the flexibility that I needed to pre-edit my scans, but I've resigned myself to needing Photoshop. Which version should I purchase?

I looked at the Lynda website before I purchased the scanner. I won't have time before the holidays, but I will seriously consider the Silverfast and Photoshop courses in January.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Doug Lilly
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