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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
Agree with Kevin. I will also post images on FB. I copy and paste the description I use here and then attach the file. Very simple and no need to link (I only linked once as an experiment). As to slides, they are usually much harder to process. So much is based on the scanner you use. I really wish there was a moderately priced scanner ($300-500) that could do a nice scan in a short time, say 15 seconds or less. I usually remove dust, adjust color, and sharpen. Kodachrome 64 usually gives good results, sometimes have issues with Provia. I know my scans may not be perfect, but hopefully the subject matter makes up for it.

Try this.

If you decide to get one, skip their software and go directly to VueScan. I have never timed it, but I scan at 3600 dpi, single pass, and no infrared cleaning. I'm sure a slide takes under 30 seconds to scan.
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