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Bill, I've looked at your stuff, you are such a good photographer that I am several leagues below you, but nonetheless yours does not work for me either. There is no context, just a white line through the night. Doesn't work as an abstract, what with the glow on the tree at left in particular, it's not a clean image. But not enough detail to make it work otherwise - just a lot of dead space. And there is something about the curve that suggests the image is tilted to the left, whether it is or not.

Also, maybe skip the bulbs, they seem to illuminate only unimportant, distracting stuff like the trees and the path.

My 2 cents, 'tis all.


Originally Posted by Bill
Seems a bit bright on my monitor...lots of halo'ing around the lights. I'd tone down the brightness a bit. I presonally don't think it's bad motive, but what do I know, I just had this similar shot rejected for bad motive.

My bad motive shot

Guess they're not in the mood for motion shots this weekend?

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