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I had a friend who until recently was using a Kodak clickbox digital camera and was taking pictures the same quality as a SLR, me and most people who had seen his shots were astounded if not actually mad at what he was using.
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Whatever you were using to judge probably was not apples to apples, sorry, as there are so many variables. For instance:

- What medium were you comparing shots with...monitor, prints?
- What size images were the comparisons made at? Looking at a semi-thumbnail image can sometimes look better than the same image at 1024 pixels.
- What post-processing was used? And who did it? Perhaps the P&S guy is far better than the dSLR guy. I've seen shots that were taken with nice dSLRs, but the person didn't know how to process the shot.

And on and on. To say a P&S is equal to or better than a dSLR is pretty much foolish. You yourself said it's the photographer...true to a point, but the same principle applies to the person's workflow.

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