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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Interesting, Nick! I would've imagine that Progress Rail Services was a part of CAT since all of the locomotives generally have a Caterpillar logo somewhere on the long hood. Interesting that we're referring to two separate companies.
Progressive Rail is a shortline and rail logistics company based in Lakeville, MN. Their blue/white livery is based on MN&S. They operate several EMD's (SW1500's, SD39, SD38-2, GP15's).

Progress Rail Services is a subsidiary of Caterpillar based out of Albertville, AL. Their red equipment looks to be a nod to CB&Q. They now own EMD.

You can't forget Progressive Railroading either; they're an industry news website/magazine.

None of them are related to each other, as far as I know.
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