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Regarding the PCAs, they have been an absolute joke for a very long time. Whenever I cast a PC vote, it's for a shot I feel is aesthetically outstanding, with tasteful processing. Judging from the results, there are a significant number of voters who have entirely different reasons for casting a PC vote, which is why you have so many gimmick shots, grossly processed HDR shots, and even wrecks getting PCAs. Some of the choices in the past have simply left me questioning the sanity of the average RP viewer! But, it is the PEOPLE'S choice, and they can choose a shot for whatever reason they want, even if I may find their reasons ludicrous. I just have to accept that the PCA's are not a measure of a shots "goodness" on my personal scale, but on a scale of the average site viewer and their tastes. Because of this, receiving or missing out on a PCA means very little to me anymore. I would rather receive a complimentary comment or email from another photographer I admire versus receiving a PCA. And if you think the PCAs are bad, you should check out Trainorders, where people fawn over Chuchubobnv and Macbeau's "work" and how awesome of a photographer they are. It's even more sickening than some of the PCA choices.
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