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Originally Posted by cblaz View Post
Mitch, we're making the same point. People see the name Chase (or AB2 or Nick McLean or Craig Williams or Mitch Goldman or Jean-Marc) attached to the shot, and based on his body of work, give him a PCA without judging the photo itself. Meanwhile, a better photo from an unfamiliar name (or a European shot) may get passed over. That's why I'm arguing the PCA voting process is a flawed system.

Mitch, none of my shots posted in that week deserved a PCA, especially the zoom pan. The zoom pan is a gimmick; there's no real thought or composition put into it. I did it because the lighting was tough at that spot. I'm much more proud of some of my wide angle scenic stuff I did on that charter (that I haven't add to RP) than the zoom pan.
Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Chris - your point and my own are far from similar here. If anything I agree with Ken in regards to what a majority of voting viewers may find appealing. With four slots open that should still leave room for a good percentage of quality images to make the... er, that cut.

As far as pans being a gimmick with no thought or composition involved by your admission, one wonders why, then, were you were so quick to post it. I'd have thought you'd want to share instead the photos you state you are most proud of?
Mitch, thanks to your recent additions, you have only helped prove my point that the voting process of PCAs in flawed. After our discussion on zoom pans, you added one of yours from the charter so now we can go to the tale of the tape and examine the numbers. The shots in question:

Image © Christopher Blaszczyk
PhotoID: 329556
Photograph © Christopher Blaszczyk

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 330687
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

Your shot has the totally green hillside as a backdrop and the train is on a bridge, while mine has a little piece of sky and the parallel road as the only major differences.

I added my zoom pan on Sunday, June 27 while you added yours over a week later on July 6. As of 1:30am on July 8, my shot has 715 views, 28 favorites and 4 comments in the week and a half it's been on. In comparison, your zoom pan has received 585 views, 30 favorites and 4 comments in just over a day, well on its way it seems to a PCA.

If your shot does eventually win a PCA, how do you explain that? Is there that big a difference between the two shots? Is there something in yours that's missing in mine? Does the difference between a 1/10th exposure and 1/5th exposure matter that much?

Another interesting thing to note is the views you accumulated by posting the shot to other forums. Over 180 views have come from links posted on two other forums. Those links draw eyeballs directly to your shot without going through the RP photostream, while a well-done foreign shot (cough David Benn's South African steam on a bridge silhouette cough) that isn't linked anywhere else might not get the attention it deserves. Doesn't view whoring like that make the PCAs an unfair fight?

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
My shots on RP:
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