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A critique of the editor's photos. Now that's a ballsy move.
Not really....

I am not perfect and do not claim to be. Mr. Oltmann may not really care for this photo, and he is entitled to his opinion. Looking back on his lastest page of uploads, I see a couple of his shots that just do not really 'jump' out at me either. Thats what 'publishing' your photography is about. Not everyone is going to roll out of their chair in amazement at every photo you take. Reading the comments that Don has made will give me ideas in the future about how better to have composed a shot like this. Shortly after I shot it and looked at it on the camera, I said to myself "I wish I had went for a lower angle".

Now, opinions aside, I do not think this photo is worthy of rejection, otherwise I would not have uploaded it. I never upload anything that I would reject from someone else.
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