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Thanks for the suggestions Troy and Lloyd. I've started my hard-core research into the area and am learning a lot. Specifically, I'm learning that there's a lot more rail lines still operating in this area than I would have guessed.

I think for this trip I want to focus on the remaining N&W CPLs, and photograph as many various arrangements of them as I can. Where do they still remain in use? Looks like there probably aren't too many west of Bluefield. Lots of photos of new signals out there, and even shots from 2009 that show CPLs may not still have them, so it's hard to do research and know with certainty that they still are there. East of Bluefield seems to have a few, specifically Willowtown, the Christiansburg area, and at least part of the Bristol Line.

Where are some other areas that have CPLs? Are there any left on the Clinch Valley Line?

Where are some of the more uniquely arranged CPL's, if there are any?
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