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Originally Posted by oltmannd View Post
I would have bet on the opposite. The wedgie gets in (in hindsight, I should have boosted the saturation a bit and toned down the blue, though). The somewhat more dramatic shot fails - for under exposed. The histogram looks OK - I think it's really the shadows on the RH side that got it rejected.

Any thoughts?
First off - and seemingly obvious by now, is that the RP crop monster thrives on centered subjects. It's nearly automatic.

As for underexposed - Looks properly exposed to me - can't have the numberboards any whiter. Two ways around RP's underexposed are a) simply brighten the image - sometimes it's more about the way it looks then whether or not it truly is underexposed. b) If you have a shadows and highlights adjustment, or even the center slider in levels, then bring back some of the detail in the shadows.

As for the first image - you can always resubmit a re-edited image. Feature is under "members; re-submit photos".

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