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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I have to side with the screener on this one. This image is a bunch too dark. Putting a histogram on it, there appears to be a fair amount of clipping on the left. It also doesn't have much for mid-tones.

There are probably a couple of ways to fix it. I would start by adjusting the black point and adding a bit of fill in ACR to eliminate the massive clipping on the left. I would then use curves or even brightness to boost the mid-tones so that the whites on the locomotive start looking white, and the concrete beams in that bridge look more like mid-day, not half an hour after sunset.

If it's raw, it's fixable.
Thanks I tried all of that.

They hit for underexposed first..

Fixed the exposure then they hit for cloudy. I guess that's what I get for playing with moldy oldies..
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