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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
I concur. I should have stated that I was referencing PA. I looked into "defiant trespass" after I asked my Sheriff about conceal carrying in a business that I occasionally visit that has a no loaded weapons sign in the rear of the business. He told me that since the sign is not clearly posted at points of entry that the sign itself is pretty much BS, but the owner/employees have to ask me to leave.
In my state, those signs do not have the power of law. You can ignore them. If someone asks you to leave, you need to heed the request, whether or not you are carrying or not. It's a moot point. You need to go and if you refuse, you should probably be arrested. It sucks if you live in a state where stupid signs like that have the power of law. Here, there is only a handful of places where you cant legally carry (federal government buildings (excluding national parks and national forests), courthouses, sporting events, polling locations, police stations/sheriffs offices, schools, a couple other places). In fact, there is a law that forbids companies from preventing you from having a weapon in your car at work and a preemption law forbidding local governments from passing any legislation that involves firearms and invalidated any existing local laws which did.

Needless to say, I believe in the "don't ask, don't tell theory At this point, a defiant trespass is made if I refuse to leave or if I would pass by a clearly posted GFZ sign elsewhere.
Clearly that is the right thing to do. I am not advocating anyone be f'ing RAMBO RAILFAN or anything.
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