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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
Jim, my bad, I meant go narrower, like f/7.1 or f/8, f/6.3 is even acceptable at times. I say that because I can clearly see the college sign in the background is in focus, AF got it, and left everything else blurry. I will concede that there is something bigger wrong, AF failure is likely, but the aperture that wide exacerbates the problem.
and the problem may not just be the aperture. The college sign is (reasonably, or somewhat better) in focus, sure, but if that is the distance of focus then there should be an analogous area on the left equally in focus, just a bit behind the crossing. Instead the blur is uniformly bad on the left. See, for example, the ballast, to me always a good indicator. And the foliage on the left is much worse than the foliage on the right.

I might even suspect a lens problem. I'd have to see more shots. But I don't think this one gets much better simply by going to f/8.
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