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Originally Posted by moof View Post
OK guys, thank you very much for all the words. Now I'm still angry on them, however I feel better after your explanations Thanks.

First off, amazing work. I love seeing images from other parts of the world, different landscapes, locomotives ways of life. Your work would look stunning as prints, those rich blacks would really go nice on a Luster or Semi - Gloss paper! That said Railpictures has a fairly standard practice of rejecting anything that isn't up to their view of what a railroad photograph should be; and they have all the freedom to do that, it is their site after all. However with some tweaks I think alot of these could get on, some tips:

The only image I could really see as underexposed a bit is Image #1. It should be noted that I work on a fully color managed, properly calibrated monitor in a 18% gray room. So theoretically my workstation should present images as they are technically (color, hue, contrast) meant to be shown, something I am not sure all the screeners do. Anyway, the blacks are just losing detail and the train gets a bit lost. Up the exposure a bit, and lift that blacks and you have yourself a winner!

As for the other images, I don't see much that is glaringly wrong, maybe some tweaks here and there, some exposure bumping.

By the way I really enjoy image #2 of the train in Vietnam, great composition, mood and overall atmosphere! (maybe a bit of an exposure bump, .5 or less!)
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