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Originally Posted by JRMDC
With all due respect, WetRails, "Cokato MN" is seriously overexposed and "shadow shots" is a dull composition and overexposed, nowhere close in quality to those shots that "get awards.". I suspect that you would benefit greatly by spending more time at RP, developing an eye for what makes a good picture. Make use of these forums for feedback, they are excellent.
I think the two pictures he used as examples of something that got rejected (which he believes shouldn't have been) are two VERY poor examples. I've yet to see a picture on railpics that looks as overexposed at the CokatoMN picture. Regardless if I, or the screeners, agree with whether the composition is appropriate or not for RP, the fact remains, it's WAY overexposed and should have never been submitted in the first place. The screener was probably just trying to be nice by giving the excuse he did.

The second shot is way too dark and a poor composition of a silhouette. I've seen a few silhouette shots on this site, and they are very high in quality. Again, poor choice for an example shot that got rejected to base an argument on.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but you've really got to check yourself when submitting shots here, and exercise a high level of self-control and quality control.

I was fortunate that the very first shot I ever submitted here was accepted. I thought "wow, this is easy!" Well, it wasn't THAT easy. After a few rejections that irritated the hell out of me and even made me start bitching about this site, I took a step back and re-evaluated this site and the type of pictures and quality they accept. After looking at it from a different perspective, I decided to be more picky about the photos I submitted. Since then, I've had the last 12 pictures in row accepted. I don't get out to shoot as much as I'd like, but when I do, I'm more aware of the quality of images I'm taking, due to what I've learned from this site since discovering it four months ago.

Sorry for rambling...I just had to get that out.
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