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Originally Posted by JimThias
And my point was, if you ever feeled compelled to compare your rejected photo to another image, make sure it's comparative. When a shot or power is unique, factors like lighting are taken less into consideration. So it's probably not a good idea to compare your common grade crossing Amtrak wedgie to a photo of a classic steam engine.
Totally understand the point. But, again, please understand where I'm coming from. The rejection given was "not enough light on the nose." So, all I did was quickly find a photo that fit THAT rejection point. If the rejection given would've been: "Boring Amtrak shot, with no side light" then I would've understood. Maybe the screeners would want to reconsider rewriting some of these. I don't know. My beef was not with the rejection. I can live with that. Have had many rejected, have had many accepted. What seemed stupid to me was the reason given. Not the fact that the shot was rejected.

Anyway, moving on...
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