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Yes and no. My 1942 Leica has a built in rangefinder, as does my 1951 Rolleiflex. Those are distance finders. I do have a Zeiss rangefinder, hand held, from the early 1930s--the era where you could add a rangefinder to the accessory shoe (now called the "hot shoe") on top of the camera. I do not use rangefinders with modern cameras. The reason is I simply push the little button on the front of my Nikon called "DoF preview" and use that. It's more accurate and it's a "what you see is what you get" deal. More accurate and simply a lot faster. I don't use hyperfocal. The reason is rarely is it really sharp. Hyperfocal was originally used to make focusing faster, but with modern AF that becomes moot. I'm mostly using a Nikon D800E for RR photos, and there's already an adequate amount of DoF with that small format. There's an additional stop of DoF if you are using a DX camera, which is a great advantage for this kind of shooting. So no, I don't use a rangefinder with modern cameras, and don't use hyperfocal with any camera (other than my Brownies where that's unavoidable.!)

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