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Originally Posted by SouthernRR View Post
Is it time to break into two websites? One for north american railroads and one for international stuff.
No, I don't think so; that is one of the great things about this site, being able to view good quality pictures from all over the world.

Anyway, another candidate from Europe for "the ugliest loco"

Image © mRKEF
PhotoID: 287363
Photograph © mRKEF

Their nickname is "goggles"

In a similar vein from Belgium, a "snorkel" unit
Image © Airtrain
PhotoID: 27046
Photograph © Airtrain

and from Sweden, the "Elephant's Ass", seem to remember this one cropped up in a thread on here many moons ago
Image © Samir Namer
PhotoID: 157738
Photograph © Samir Namer
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