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I decided to sort mine by the year the shot was actually taken, rather than uploaded to RP.

Unfortunately, rail photography didn't really "click" with me till 2005, but in my opinion, I've improved every year since.

2005- 1 Photo. I used to have 2, but pulled my first RP acceptance since it wasn't up to par.

2006- 24 Photos.

2007- 56 Photos. Graduated college, got a job, and some free time to go shoot trains.

2008- 77 Photos. 2 POTW, 4 SC, 7 PCAs. Probably my coming out year, I really developed as a photographer and took advantage of some great shot opportunities.

2009- 68 Photos. 1 POTW, 1 SC, 3 PCAs.

2010- 38 Photos. 2 SC, 4 PCAs. Even though it looks like I've regressed since 2008, my average photos have dramatically improved. I looked through my 2010 photos the other night and really liked what I saw. Definitely my best year yet, but bring on 2011!
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