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I will mostly address cropping, not light.

1. foreground obstruction to me with the ugly posts
2. only thing that comes to mind is avoid cutting the tree in half vertically, on the left edge (remember, sometimes bad crop is not an overall thing but rather a nitpick on the edge)
3. that track on the left side just looks awkward, my eye keeps going there. Next time aim more left so it has a better presence, you don't need that space on the right. RP just doesn't like darker snow shots, don't know why. I wonder if people overbrighten them just to get them on.
4. same link as 3
5. cut off the top of the arch?
6. might be that little splotch of white on the left edge, even with the ditch lights
7. split a post in half on the left edge
8. very nice, and yet ugh. The branch upper left, entering and exiting, not anchored on either end. The bid dead area lower right. Not a fan of the cropped open water bottom left. It has a very w-i-d-e feel to it, which I like, it would look great wider than 3:2, just crop off the bottom. Not for RP though.
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