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I didn't bother reading what Janusz said up there, so I could form my own opinion.
First thing that hit me as I scrolled through: WHY DID YOU CUT OFF THE TUNNEL ARCH? While I'm on that shot, it looks a bit skewed, though it appears to be level...maybe try some perspective control to get it into shape. That's the kind of thing that annoys the hell out of me, usually because I tried my best to get lines straight, and I assume you did the same.
For the first shot, I think the major problem is foreground clutter. Jamey there has a sign slicing right through him! I like the contrast of the shot, the engines are strikingly black against the landscape, and the cars, while not in the best place in the frame, certainly lend more winter atmosphere to the photo.
For the second one, I don't know why they rejected it for dark, although I think they may have wanted a cropping more like what's attached. I'm not sure I like it, but it gets rid of some boring foreground at any rate. I also gave it a curves adjustment that looked right on my monitor - darker engine, and I brought the whitest whites to 256.
On #3, again I think it's lacking in contrast, and a 4:3 or 5:4 ratio might work better for it. It also looks a bit blurry, but without seeing the original I don't know if that's fixable.
Skipping Mr. Duplicate #4, the next one has an engine that's way too light - Even taking into account how shiny it is. Additionally, unless you have a looser cropped version, chuck it.
On 6 and 7, needs more contrast.
On the last one, I don't think it works that well compositionally. There's just too much dead space that doesn't add anything.
Now to look up and see if Janusz and I agree on anything...
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