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Originally Posted by sd9 View Post
The recipient has received your message and contact information, and will be responding as soon as possible......
So we shall see, thanks for all the advice guys

BTW I see it says on the RP photo usage policy that "All photos on this website are licensed to RailPictures.Net." what does that mean? would RP have an issue also with the unauthorized use?

Bill, I wouldn't contact anyone or talk to anyone about this. The first thing to do would be to talk to a good corporate lawyer. Chicago has plenty of them that would be very eager to take your case. It would also not be good to make statements in public. From what I went through in the past and my experiences, you have the advantage right now and stand to be reimbursed a great deal. The juries will generally be on your side. They will see you as a poor individual being taken advantage of by a big bad rich corporation. It's just how it is. More than likely the lawyers will settle before going to trial where it will really cost them big.

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