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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post

Is this really only what we're worth? Honors?

That's just the excuse people give you to get you to give them your stuff or work for them for free. We run into this stuff all the time in the translation industry... "Hey, we're not paying much, but it's a great opportunity!"... Whatever.

I would allow a non-profit organisation to use my pictures for free. Heck, I might even feel honored. But here we are talking about a company who clearly can afford to pay for the use of a picture.
If CSX or used one of my images without me knowing it, (I don't see why they would want to...) I would sue their faces off. But then again I need the money, I don't have enough lenses..

Originally Posted by trainboysd40 View Post
You've been waiting on here 6 entire months just to make a jab at that?
That's REALLY sad.
Fail n00b is fail.
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