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If you look at the horizon, you will be able to see the beginning of an oversharpened halo. Also, there are two spots through the trees that the train can be seen. They are annoying. The eyes go right to those spots. Cloning those two sections would have been very easy, and no one would have been the wiser.

The cloud is just that, a cloud. The image would actually look alot better with the image cropped just above the train. But then, it wouldn't be a Railpicture.

In a couple more years, this will be so overgrown, asummertime image will not be possible.

RailPictures.Net Photo: NS Norfolk Southern unknown at Gallitzin, Pennsylvania by Ben Sutton
High quality photograph of Norfolk Southern unknown # NS at Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, USA.
Share August 7 at 9:16am

Ian Hapsias Its something different, I truthfully don't like it, but its still a nice photo.
August 8 at 11:39am

Matt Sell I wondered how long it would take you to chew this one out. Your slow...its been on for nearly a week.
August 8 at 3:43pm

Daniel Valentine I have been doing more important things, like feeding my cat.
August 8 at 4:12pm 2 people

Matt Sell A Man has gatta have his prioritys!!!

And hey, I feel honored i got a novel from DV. And Ian.....stop while you're ahead with this guy. Don't give him ANY attention. Especially on my photos, if you have a problem with them contact me privately.

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