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Originally Posted by jnohallman View Post
I don't think an appeal will help, although I very much like the idea of the shot. I suspect foreground clutter is just one of several possible rejection reasons (though probably the least valid). For me, the bigger issue is that the train - and in particular the head end of the lead locomotive - isn't in sharp focus. This shot called for either tack sharp focus on the train, or serious bokeh on the train, and you don't have either. It's a very nice shot as is - I just don't think it's an RP shot (for better or for worse).

I do tend to agree with this.... Some of the issues are processing.... Does not help that I almost crashed trying to get stopped for this shot so it is truely a grab...... Flag alignment was a little off ...... I may rework the processing side and try again, not sure..... Not much I can do with the soft train except shot it again

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