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Default Not everyone liked it!

It got 4300+ views, 61 favorites, 11 comments and one PCA

Image © David Gubler
PhotoID: 453119
Photograph © David Gubler

but some of the folks at HG's favorite Facebook page have a few problems with it --

Railpics Critiques You can't even tell what kind of engine it is from the picture... ~BMRR
Paul Rose No, it's f-ing stupid, you can barely see the train
Mike Antal Maybe it's just because I'm drunk, but seriously, WHERE IS THE TRAIN? I legitimately cannot find it.
Photography is sujective and obviously not everyone is going to like the same thing, but I thought this was pretty telling of the RPC crowd. They bitch and moan about all the wedgies being on RP; then they turn around and bitch and moan when the least wedgie-like shot gets on, too!

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