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Default Booted from To24!

Proof positive that you really can campaign your way to To24 and even evict a Screener's Choice that was already sitting on the top spot.

Posted yesterday and awarded a Screener's Choice by the RP Staff:
Image © Thomas J. Nanos -
PhotoID: 554631
Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos -

In addition, the RP Staff posted the SC on their Facebook Page. With home page and FB exposure, as one might expect, the view-count rose rapidly, and this afternoon, it was appearing as one of the To24 shots. At 4PM EST, it hit the top spot.

Meanwhile, this morning, another contributor submitted this Russian steam shot:
Image © Parker Wilson
PhotoID: 554721
Photograph © Parker Wilson

He then proceeded to create a bunch of Reddit links (yes, he definitely created them) and within minutes, the view count on that shot took off. It was obvious that something was up with this image when shortly after it was posted, it had nearly 500 hits, while other images that posted in the same time frame had 30 or 40.

Fast forward to 5PM EST, just an hour after that Screener's Choice hit the #1 To24 slot, the linked Russian shot walked right past it and booted it back to #2.

I have my own thoughts as to which image is more meritorious, but it looks like Reddit links beat an SC, an RP-FB AND a sitting To24! Sure, the sun will rise tomorrow, but if that SC or To24 was yours, you might not think much of the yoyo with the Reddit links.

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