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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
On the other a VERY WELL done night shot but still a Santa train poking along at night, a very known quantity. So my vote would be.....
I never understood the bias against tourist lines. Steel wheels on steel rails on a schedule - same as Amtrak (if anything, with better on-time performance). What difference does it make if the train is hauling commuters or families? Sure, in the case of the VRR it is only about an 5 mile section of track, so the scenes are somewhat limited, but for me it's the crafting of the light to make a unique scene from something that's been shot many times before - and at the same time, avoiding the "daylight with a black sky" look. Who cares if it's a tourist line or a Class 1?

As an aside, someone commented on one of my Facebook posts about the shot and it's placement in the To24 - "And it didn't require a drone"
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