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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Here it is in a nutshell. When one goes out and links the hell out of all of their images with the primary goal of outrunning the other contributors to To24, what does that say about their character? Hey, I guess there are people who will elbow an old lady out of the way in order to cut the checkout line at Walmart.
Sorry, Kevin, you have gone down the road of imputing character from behavior when ambiguity prevails. What do you know about this person, did you ask them if they want to be To24? Do they see themselves in a race, do they seem to be selfish? It seems to me to be completely human to want lots of people to see your stuff. So not implicitly immoral or bad values or even that selfish. Just want to be seen, just as most performers love to have audiences, and bigger is better. Thinking about it some more, I am surprised we don't see more of this, use of forums such as reddit or what have you.

There is an unseemly dimension to what we are seeing, but there is also a dimension that is quite ordinary. I haven't decided what to make of it yet, but I don't want to be too quick to judge. The ramifications of what is going on are quite clear, the impact on what shots get seen vs not. But the judgments of individuals, those seem to be ill founded, or at least I mind the possibilities varied and no evidence can be seen as to personal motives; only the outcomes are known.

There is no code of social behavior that pertains to RP. Maybe there could have been one, maybe there once was one, maybe there are social mores. Social mores get set and supported in community contexts and there is no railfan community cohesive enough to set them here.

I guess I got long winded - again - but it just bothers me that people go quickly to determinations of "character"; I guess I don't see how that can be done but for personal interaction.
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