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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
...did you ask them if they want to be To24?
Have you ever seen anyone campaign an image AFTER the chance to reach To24? Sure, maybe it's easy to do at the time of posting, but you can bet RP is betting the the To24 will encourage links and, of consequence, page hits which allow for higher advertising fees.

If not, they'd remove linked views -and I can guarantee the number of links will decrease, if not all but end.

Some of us see... or at least enjoyed when it was the PHOTO that spoke for itself on RP, not the campaign.

Kevin - maybe it's time to say good by to the RP of old - sign up to FB if you have not already, and get to WORK. Start campaigning. Friend as many people as you can and post to as many pages as possible.

It is what it is. It's FLICKR with superior search features. And for those with a thousand "friends" and more, a great place to have your images seen.

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