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Default Mmmmm, Yeah Troy.......

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I'll play...

1. inverted halos (dark around signals)
2. normal halos around train
3. feathered appearance of the train
4. feathered noise in sky
5. oversharpened
6. massive work done on the headlights (banding, etc)
7. the signal bases and poles are too bright.
8. purple banding around signals

I can't remember if 40 has nose damage, but I'm sure he would have corrected it in PS if there was lol

Loyd L.
See above from the Big Mouth uncatchable Bass himself. Yeah, you can shoot it right the first time, but to select the nose of the shot, de-fuckulate out of the highlights on the nose, then expect it to pass off as "reality" vs his homey who actually got Screeners Choice for keeping it "REAL" aka yeah, ya know........Apparently the screeners know the difference, thank gawd yo!
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