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Default Music Tastes..

For me, a fun part of railfanning is being out and about, and whenever I am out I always listen to music.

So, what kind of music does the railfans on this forum like and listen to?

When I am railfanning, I listen to some heavy metal, mostly Living Colour, and I also lisgten to lots of classic rock such as the Beatles, Don Henley, Billy Joel, Bob Seger, The Rolling Stones, Boston, and Lynard Skynard. EDIT: forgot the Who, Led Zeplin, Bad Company and War...

It was my dad that got me hooked on this music, and he is glad we can listen to it rather than some of this contemporary music...

(Nothing like sitting trackside playing Boston so loudly that you cant hear the train going by - True story! My dad was playing Boston while we were waiting trackside, and I was reading something, and never noticed a freight giong by!)
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