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Believe it or not, in today's railroading scene, Dash 8s are already starting to get old. While they may seem pretty new, I was shooting new C40-8s at the end of my high school years and early college, and I am...ahem...solidly in my late 30s.

Also, TTI is a bit of an odd bird. It is wholly owned by a CSX subsidiary, so they have gotten "hand me down" CSX power for about the last 15 years. With a glut of power and CSX not necessarily needing as much horsepower for locals, it's possible they are testing out how these high horsepower GEs would work out. Or, there could be some available on the market at a very good price, and they're using some of their "own" as a test before buying something else.

Time will tell, but I would definitely say anyone who has been wanting to shoot some of the last operating U36Bs in the world may want to pay a visit to Kentucky sooner, rather than later.
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