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Kevin, yes, I was mostly getting at the underexposure, but I agree about the softness in the rejection also. I bet its safe to say that many (if not most of us) have used or started out with simpler cameras, like P&S's, but can still get pretty good results with the right editing.

I have been able to get several images accepted with a Coolpix, before I got my D3200:

Spacetrain, I'm not sure of your circumstances outside the hobby, but if your limited with what you can do with your camera, try to use your phone to get by for the time being?

I've managed to get a couple shots on from my phone, for example:

Image © OBrian Harmon
PhotoID: 606729
Photograph © OBrian Harmon

Image © OBrian Harmon
PhotoID: 625308
Photograph © OBrian Harmon

Image © OBrian Harmon
PhotoID: 623881
Photograph © OBrian Harmon
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