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Default Night Shooting


I've been trying Night shots since I bought my Sony F717 Last Year and have had some marginal success especially when used with the Infrared Night Shot ability that the camera offers & the Night Framing but I want that classic night shot of "Manassas Train Station" which I have attempted several times without the Nightshot ability.

I have tried with the Automatic Settings & the Manual Setting of ISO 800 but it always comes out to "Grainy" or Dark. I need to find out how to do an Exposure shot with the Camera, I know it can be done I just cannot figure out how to do it <Yet>

But what would you'll recommend settings wise as far as shooting Night shots??

Also does shooting with a higher megapixel at night have a bad or damging factor on the way I might be shooting?? I'm Shooting all my Pictures at either 4 or 5 MegaPixels these days.


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