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Lightroom is different. PSE is a junior PS, same concept, fewer features. Lightroom is photo processing with significant image management capabilities, or vice versa. I don't have much of a sense of the differences in capabilities between Lightroom and PS. I suspect that, for one, the former does not have the graphical abilities of the latter. I think one thing about PS is that you can do so much in terms of constructing images (adding text, collages, etc.) whereas I think Lightroom is more of a pure process the image software.

Except that, it occurs to me PSE does have image management, the "organizer" (which I don't use), whereas PS, I believe!, does not.

So I can't fully answer your question. I haven't used Lightroom. I was tempted at one time but even the discounted price was not worth it; it wasn't clear that I had a use for the additional things it could do.

Kevin Madore is familiar with Lightroom.

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