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J is correct. I have both Lightroom 3.5 and PSE 6. I process everything using Lightroom, but still use PSE 6 when it has a needed capability that Lightroom does not.

Lightroom is really tailored for mass processing of raw files. It allows rapid review of all images, selection of favorites and quick application of non-destructive adjustments to make the images presentable. Lightroom makes batch processing easy. I love Lightroom because I can easily back out adjustments and add others. It also allows me to easily apply the same adjustments to a range of images, or copy a set of adjustments from one image and apply them to others. I especially like the Toning Curve that allows adjustments to various ranges of tones (highlights, lights, darks, shadows, etc). It is probably a "training wheels" version of the Curves feature in PS.

Where Lightroom is not so strong is in the area of detailed image editing....meaning digital manipulation. The healing and cloning tools in Lightroom are not nearly as capable as they are in PSE and PS. If you are looking to branch out from pure photography into artful manipulation, Lightroom is probably not the space in which to do it.

If you shoot a lot of pictures and want to be able to rapidly postprocess them with standard adjustments (exposure, recovery, blacks, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, vibrance, sharpening, etc.) and output collections to slide shows, websites etc., then Lightroom is for you. If you do a lot of more detailed manipulation, or you're into arty effects on a smaller number of images, PSE is probably the better tool.

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