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Originally Posted by zachmarlow
probably sometime around 6:30 or so Monday Mar 8th just outside of Quincy Ohio The I&O had a stopped train about 100 feet or so from the CSX diamonds, they had a 5900' long train that had broke a drawbar on about the 4th car from the back, I believe that they just set out the 4 cars for a later train to get in the daylight, anyway I&O has to get clearance from CSX to cross the diamonds which they had for the train but since the problem they never quite made it to the diamond, they still had a clear signal and an eastbound CSX train rolled up to a stop about 100 feet away from the diamond, the I&O train was hidden by some buildings so they couldn't see it, The CSX engineer and dispatcher were talking back and fourth that the I&O train hadn't came yet and that they had to wait at least 13 minutes before crossing the diamond if they didn't see the train,I had told the I&O engineer what I had heard on the CSX channel hesaid that his dispatcher had contacted CSX about this already,anyway a few minutes had passed and the CSX train started and left, in which time the I&O signal turned red, the I&O crew had the train ready about 8:30pm the I&O dispatcher contacted the CSX dispatcher to get clearance to go thru, the dispatcher came back on the radio and said the green signal should be coming up soon, a few seconds pass the dispatcher asks again if the signal has came up yet, he goes on to do this about a dozen times, the engineer seems to be getting upset of him asking and says pretty sharply, I'll tell you when it comes up, a few minutes pass dispatcher asks again, still red signal, the conductor then get out of the train walks over to a metal box does a few things and has the train roll foward a little bit it is now a little after 9:00, they get a green signal and finally start moving
Please do not use run-on sentences. It makes reading your story much, much easier.
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