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Originally Posted by cblaz View Post
Mitch, we're making the same point. People see the name Chase (or AB2 or Nick McLean or Craig Williams or Mitch Goldman or Jean-Marc) attached to the shot, and based on his body of work, give him a PCA without judging the photo itself. Meanwhile, a better photo from an unfamiliar name (or a European shot) may get passed over. That's why I'm arguing the PCA voting process is a flawed system.
Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Do you honestly think stuff like that happens?


If anything, especially since Chase seems to be such a polarizing figure, I would figure the OPPOSITE occurs.

I think you are way off base here, really.

I dont vote on those things, but when I am looking at photos, I really never even take notice to who the photographer is. Sometimes without even looking I can guess based on subject matter or location though. It would not deter me from voting one way or another if someone I either like or dislike had a really good photo.
I have to agree with Troy here. There is ZERO evidence that PCAs are awarded due to the name attached to the photograph.

If a photograph deserves a PCA vote, it'll get one from me regardless if I know the photographer or have never heard of him (or her). I'm sure most other people who view RP feel the same way...but that's just my speculation without any evidence to back it up.
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