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A&C runs to Cadiz every day but Saturday, arriving mid to late afternoon to interchange with the BNSF Barstow local. They typically leave Parker, AZ midday if you're going to be on that end of the system.

AZER is now running on two lines, the original from Bowie to Miami, and now the former SP branch up to Clifton from Lordsburg, NM. They have trackage rights between Lordsburg and Bowie on the Sunset route. Historically there has been a morning turn from Safford to Bowie, then a turn from Duncan, AZ on the Clifton line to Bowie and back that meets him there in the morning. I will try to find out if this is still the case from a friend who was recently there. You can usually find them switching around Globe and Miami in the mornings, taking cars up to the smelter that the road train brought in overnight.

EDIT UPDATE: AZER now basing road crew at Ft. Thomas on Miami line. Day turn to Globe OD 0700 to meet the Miami local and return, then a night turn to Bowie at 1900. On duty times at Duncan are 0600 for Bowie turn and 1800 for Clifton turn. Saturday is off day both lines.

No changes on Copper Basin.

BMLP I'm unsure of, but people usually seem to do well catching daylight ops between the power plant at Page and the loadout (name escapes me). Access is relatively difficult in the middle section from what I understand, as it is Apache land.
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